Sta-Brite R

Designed for cedar roofing, siding and fencing, Sta Brite® R is our pigmented, water-repellent and weather-resistant treatment specifically engineered for lasting protection against sunlight, moisture, and more. Its natural, earth-derived pigment system and additional protectants shield wood from damaging UV rays, ultimately increasing its surface life by preventing erosion and deterioration. In fact, by limiting water infiltration and harmful sunlight, Sta Brite R also helps prevent splitting and checking in your wood.

• Water-repellent and weather-resistant cedar wood protection.
• Helps prevent deterioration from sunlight and moisture exposure.
• Extends or even doubles the service life of cedar roofs.
• Protects wood against cupping, curling and warping.
• Water-based, environmentally responsible formulation.
• Minimal odor and no concerns about VOC emissions.